Tobias Rosskopf joins the Dev Team!

Tobias Rosskopf from BGS Wasser GmbH has joined the BlueM Dev Team! Tobias started contributing to BlueM during his Bachelor thesis, when he implemented analysis methods of hydrological time series into BlueM.Wave. In his Master thesis he contributed several modules for modeling runoff quantityand quality of urban drainage structures into the BlueM.Sim model core. The … Continue reading “Tobias Rosskopf joins the Dev Team!”

New Dev Team member!

BlueM is gaining traction! Aside from being used and developed in several bachelor/master thesis and research projects at several universities (e.g the research project Humanized River Systems at RWTH Aachen University, see the publications overview and our blog for details of current developments), the BlueM Dev Team welcomes Martin Großhaus as a new BlueM developer. … Continue reading “New Dev Team member!”

BlueM.GIS released

BlueM.GIS, an interface between a Geograpic Information System and the hydrological simulation model BlueM.Sim has been released! BlueM.GIS is realized as a QGIS plugin and allows for an semiautomated export of relevant BlueM.Sim input files from data managed and processed in the Geographic Information System QGIS. BlueM.GIS has been initially developed by Martin Großhaus as … Continue reading “BlueM.GIS released”

BlueM.Opt v1.6 released

BlueM.Opt v1.6 has been released! The main change is the complete translation of the interface to English. Also, most of the documentation in the BlueM wiki has been translated to English.  Furthermore, Talsim-NG has been added as a new simulation engine. Changelog New Added support for the simulation engine Talsim-NG (© SYDRO Consult GmbH). Talsim-NG … Continue reading “BlueM.Opt v1.6 released”

Current status and further development

BlueM is gaining more momentum. And more interest. The BlueM Development Team has been asked to present the current status of BlueM and it’s further development both at the “DAWAKO 2017” at Technische Universität Darmstadt and the “German Day of Hydrology 2017” at Trier University. Current status One of the major advantages of BlueM.Sim is … Continue reading “Current status and further development”

BlueM.Wave v1.6 released

BlueM.Wave v1.6 has been released! New features and improvement New file formats supported for importing time series UVF format (Universal variable format) GISMO WEL format SYDRO binary format Improvements to the user interface Most of the interface and the log output has been translated to English Significantly improved possibilities for viewing and navigating time series … Continue reading “BlueM.Wave v1.6 released”

BlueM poster contribution at TdH 2016

Michael Kissel was asked to present the blueprint for a direct integration of urban drainage modules into BlueM at the “Tag der Hydrologie 2016/Day of Hydrology 2016” held in Koblenz, Germany. The overall topic of the conference was “Water resources – connecting knowledge in river basins”. BlueM, with its integrated model approach and the planned … Continue reading “BlueM poster contribution at TdH 2016”